Prince Laurent Freezes His Favourite Dog

  October 31, 2009 at 2:47 pm by

Three months ago, Prince Laurent of Belgium had the dead body of his favourite dog frozen. The Prince was upset by the death of the Berner Senner and wanted to wait until an appropriate time, to say goodbye to the dog.

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The Swiss dog was his favourite for seven years, and died of cancer. After his death the Prince took the body to the veterinary medicine faculty of the university of Gent. At the university they froze the body, until the Prince found the time ripe to say goodbye to his dog. On Thursday, a few days before all saints, the Prince thought that the time was right, he told public channel VRT through the telephone.

According to Professor Chiers, of the university of Gent, several limbs of the dog were deformed because the body was frozen on the flat floor. When the Prince announced that he wanted to collect the dog, the staff had to hurry to dry the hairs and bend the body in the original shape. When the Prince arrived, the staff had to leave as the Prince was quite emotional and wanted to be left alone with his dog.

In a reaction on the VRT the Prince said that there is too little attention for the role that pets play in our daily lives. ‘People are very attached to their pets, when they die it hurts’, says Laurent. ‘All Saints is a day to pay attention to that’.

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