Mathilde’s Family Settles Financial Disagreement

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After 26 years, the feud between the d’Udekem d’Acoz family finally has been settled. The feud started 26 years ago when Mathilde’s paternal grandmother, countess Suzanne d’Outryve d’Ydewalle, died. The devision of the family fortune started fierce discussions and disagreements between her sons Henri, Raoul and Patrick, Mathilde’s father.

‘The properties and money have been devided fairly. The lawsuits are over’, count Henri d’Udekem d’Acoz told the Flemish press. He also says that princess Mathilde played an important role in reuniting the family: ‘You can not underestimate her role, but maybe my brother’s death also accelerated things’. In March this year the count also said that the feud had ended, but apparently the financial issues still had to be settled.

The family announced the end of their disagreements today, just as authors Valerie Lempereur and Jan Van den Berghe introduced their book ‘Mathilde & Co’ to the press. The book is far from positive about the ‘d Udekem d’Acoz family and especially the feud about the inheritance of countess Suzanne. On the Dutch television Valerie Lempereur said that Mathilde’s mother, countess Anne Komorowska, used to be the the ‘boss’ in the household, and has fits of hysteria. The author also claims that it is Mathilde who is the dominant spouse in the marriage.

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