Prince Harry Passes Helicopter Course

  August 18, 2009 at 8:16 pm by

“Delighted,” is the word to describe Prince Harry these days. On Sunday, it was revealed that he passed his basic helicopter pilot course with flying colors.

This, after he has completed the required 40 hours of the course, where he learned to land and take-off, as well as handling some emergencies.

Now, the third in line to the throne could move on to learning to operate a military helicopter during dangerous weather, night flying, and more advanced handling methods and emergency drills. That will also take another 40 hours.

Harry would also get a chance to fly a Lynx helicopter, his preferred flying machine.

“I think the Lynx is more challenging, it’s more my cup of tea than the Apache,” he told reporters back in June.

“That’s how I feel but that might change halfway though.” However, he added: “I’ll fly wherever I’m told to fly.”

It is believed that Prince Harry initially failed his first attempt in the course back in February.

The Prince spent 10 weeks fighting in Afghanistan from late 2007 into early 2008. He has expressed interest in returning to combat, although the Daily Telegraph reports that Lynx helicopters do not see too much action.

If Harry continues on course, he will get in his wings in March 2010.

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