Carbuncles and Consequences

  August 13, 2009 at 11:37 pm by

Well it’s two for two with Prince Charles versus ‘Monstous Carbuncles’ and, having successfully weathered the anger, spite, outright bile and downright slander of the vanquished, we now look to the future. A future in which the developers have drawn up a shortlist of ten architectural firms who have been asked to submit new master-planning plan for London’s Chelsea Barracks redevelopment site. Five of those firms have links to Prince Charles.

Contrary to the opinion of those who see Prince Charles as the ‘Attila the Hun’ of British 21st Century Architecture (or “Carbuncles R Us”, for the uninitiated) this is not necessarily a bad thing as the Westminster Council obviously sat up and took notice of “the people” as championed by Prince Charles and have announced that consultation will take place to gather the views of local residents and organisations.

The result? They asked The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment for their input, and with wisdom derived from King Solomon, chose 5 firms with connections to Prince Charles and 5 with none, and in so doing, created a level playing field.

We await the final presentations from all ten firms with barely suppressed anticipation! Unfortunately we also await the inevitable uninformed drubbing of Prince Charles, his foundation and all five connected firms.

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