10 years as King for Mohammed VI

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King Mohammed VI, who is 45 years old, has been King of Morocco for the past 10 years, after his father passed away in 1999 after ruling for 38 years. To mark the anniversary of taking power, traditional ceremonies as well as parties and concerts took place all over the country. Marching bands and firework displays where the start of the four day celebration.

King Mohammed VI had given a speech where he said “In the last 10 years, Morocco has been able to realise major sustainable development projects,” in a televised address. “And I tell you sincerely, it was not an easy undertaking for us. But despite all the difficulties and challenges, I promise you we will continue our efforts for the development of our country.” For King Mohammed’s full speech click here.

The monarch traditionally gives hundreds, even thousands, of pardons to inmates each year as the country celebrates the Feast of the Throne, this year King Mohammed pardoned 24,865 prisoners, and commuted 32 death sentences. In selecting them, the King took into account “humanitarian considerations in allowing the prisoners back into society,” which led to the release of 517 women who are pregnant or have children and 137 minors as well as 659 inmates of different nationalities and commuted 32 death sentences to life imprisonment, the ministry said.

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